Print Design

Traditional Print

Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.

Charles Eames
architect and graphic designer

Business Card Design for Mechanics
Print Design - Cooper Tech Horizontal Business Card
Print Design - Cooper Tech Vertical Business Card

Business Cards

Business cards are probably by far the most common type of traditional print design. The modern day business card, in many aspects, dates back to the Renaissance period and earlier when artisans would mark their wares. These became the calling card of their brand, much as today's business card plays the same role. Let me design a business card for you that will be a unique, stylish and effective calling card to your brand.

Print Design - Magazine Layout

Magazine Layout

This spokesperson magazine ad showcases elements of graphic design for printed materials. The total page count (thickness) and binding need to be considered when creating magazine articles and spreads. InDesign and Photoshop were used to create the flat and final pieces, displayed here.

Brochure Design for
Traditional Print - Brochure Design for US Transport Parts
Traditional Print - Flyer Design for Blue 42 Sports Bar & Grill
Traditional Print - Menu Design for The Madhouse Coffee
e-mail marketing - 3d cube popup mailer with address card

Brochure Design

Aside from business cards, the most common type of traditional print design has to be brochures and flyers. Mixed in with this are menus and multi-purpose pieces such as in-store flyers doubling as direct mail pieces sent to vast mailing lists. I can design your next mass marketing print design, and I can work directly with the printer of your choice.

Traditional Print - Product Tag/Signage for One Billion, the brand.
Print Design - Pocket Folders for Nest Portland

Miscellaneous Prints

Rack Cards, Table Tents and POS Displays, Signage, Hang Tags and Pocket Folders are just some of the numerous types of traditional print collateral businesses need. The guidelines and standards for such print materials is constantly changing and businesses have to keep up. As a professional designer, I can help ensure your brand's message stays consistent and on-point in this ever-changing environment.


Print Design - Large Format Printing - Poster Design
Simply-PRINT3D - Inner City Billboard - Final
Simply-PRINT3D Freeway-Billboard Final

Large Format Printing & 3D Displays

Large Format Printing (LFP) requires special considerations during the design and printing phases. Back lighting, frame, no frame are just some of the possibilities. 3D displays take these to a whole new level. Billboards have an entirely different set of rules, and then there's bus, taxi and other vehicle wraps. I have the experience to provide you with the perfect solution to your Large Format Printing needs.