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Graphic Design

Logo Design

A logo is the calling card of your brand. It should resonate with your target audience but also identify who you are without any other piece of information being available. Missing either one of these can result in confusion and lost sales. An experienced designer can differentiate your brand and form a connection with your consumers through your logo.

Print Design - Magazine Layout
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Large Format Printing - Poster Design for store signage
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Graphic Design

Print Collateral

Print collateral consists of everything from business cards to brochures, magazine spreads, posters, flyers, letterhead and more. Each one of these is a touchpoint with your customers, vendors and employees and provides the opportunity to establish or re-establish brand awareness. Consistency is key in keeping your brand’s message from getting muddled.

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Graphic Design


Branding and Identity is critical to the long-term success of a business. With all the touchpoints a business has, consistency in brand message and identity establishes brand loyalty. Having a marketing presence that changes becomes confusing to the consumer because they don’t know who you are.