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No matter what your goal is, our goal is to see you succeed. Our success is measured by your success. Whether we're providing design, education or consulting services, we deliver or help you achieve your goals with 100% success.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and mine started over 20 years ago. Though I didn't know it at the time, I would go on to become a designer, an educator and a life coach. I've now been a professional designer for over 10 years, a professional trainer and educator for nearly 15 years and now I'm adding consulting and life coaching. "Learn, Do,Teach" is the story I was meant to share.

A Brief Bio

As an adult, I have committed myself to continually learn new things, put into practice the things I’ve learned and to share my knowledge and passions with anyone willing to grow and learn. I came to the realization of the importance of this after reading Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech.

While I don’t believe that a professional education is everything, I believe it was right for me in my pursuit of fulfilling my life’s journey. As of 2016, I’ve earned both a Bachelors of Science and a Masters degree in graphic design related fields. I continue to work as a freelance graphic designer and currently specialize in Media Design for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

As I continue to grow and develop as an artist, an entrepreneur and as a person, I’ve recently begun creating original works of art. The creation of art is far different from creating graphic and I never considered taking on the challenges of both art forms. Now that I’ve gone down that rabbit hole, I plan on never turning back.

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Phil Jones


The perfect combination of right brain and left brain. Practical, fun and sometimes cheeky.

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