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Business Card Design for Mechanics

Print Collateral

Business Cards

The client wanted a sturdy and masculine business card that matched his profession as a mechanic. The colors needed to match his current automotive shop, yet be transferable. The final design uses black and red, with high contrast with a faux texture to allow for printing on a high-gloss business card with UV coating for protection against the dirt and grime of the automotiv business.

Print Design - Magazine Layout

Print Design

Magazine Layout

This spokesperson magazine ad showcases elements of graphic design for printed materials. The total page count (thickness) and binding need to be considered when creating magazine articles and spreads. InDesign and Photoshop were used to create the flat and final pieces, displayed here.

Brochure Design for

Print Collateral

Brochure Design

CutZy McCall, Tech Modern Fine Artist, needed several branding pieces to develop and market her brand. The typical brochure is a Gate Fold in an 8.5" x 11" format. The brochure needed to match the client's boldness and her desire to be unconventional. With that, the final design used a 8.5" x 14 tri-fold brochure design instead.

Large Format Printing - Poster Design for store signage

Large Format Printing

Poster Design

Large Format Printing (LFP) requires special considerations during the design and printing phases. Is the poster going to be back-lit, will there be 1" to 3" frame and more. This series of posters share a common theme, though each with a different style. As such, each required different elements and placement of content to relay the correct style and mood.

Print Design - Rack Cards and POS displays

Print Collateral

POS Displays

Rack Cards, Table Tents and POS Displays are all part of the numerous pieces of print collateral a business needs. These print materials are constantly changing and need to be updated and revised. A professional designer can help ensure your brand's message stays consistent in this ever-changing environment.