Branding & Identity

Branding and Identity

Simply Print3D

This branding campaign, for the business startup Simply Print 3D, required extensive market research to develop the brand's direction, target audience and marketing pieces, including the logo and brand colors. While every brand is different, all of these elements, and more, need to be taken into consideration when developing a brand.

branding and identity - simply printed

Branding & Identity


The brand's identity went through several iterations that went from natural and organic, to targeting children and then to one with a feeling of nostalgia. Going through the research and marketing phase, a professional graphic designer can identify the brand the consumers want and develop it into the brand the client can offer to build recognition and brand loyalty.

branding and identity package and promo design

Branding And Identity

The Madhouse Coffee

The coffee house brand needed to have an energetic vibe, mimicking the effects of the coffee they serve. It needed to be bold, bright and vibrant, all words to once again describe the coffee. With art from Basquiat and Keith Haring as the client's inspiration, the final pieces were developed and implemented to promote his company and brand.

Logo Design, Brochure/Menu, POS Displays, Business Card, Rewards Cards, Pastry Signage and Window Displays/Posters.

Branding And Packaging

CutZy Art

The client needed a variety of common branding elements such as business cards, presentation folders and various brochures for her works of art. She needed letter head for professional correspondence and sales pitches for sending to clients. Overall, the branding elements have a similar look and feel and compliment the other pieces nicely. The overall brand has a unified and cohesive look.

Cologne Packaging Design concepts and Clothing Tags for One Billion - Urban Boutique.

Branding And Packaging

One Billion - Urban Boutique

The client requested a logo design that had the look and feel of Rolex, Ferrari and other related high-end brands. The resulting logo was then used to create a variety of packaging concepts shown above. Additional logo variations were created for the client for use as clothing tags and branding stamps for t-shirts and other marketing touch points.

Cologne Packaging Design concepts and Clothing Tags for One Billion - Urban Boutique.