RGB Fill - Media & Design logo

Personal Branding

RGB Fill

Fill, a graphic design term, but also the name of the client - Phil. The client wanted something that was a play on words with the two, to show his sense of humor. The clean, crisp lines and lettering also represent the clients love of typography along with his practical personality.

Unique Health Care Services Logo

Logo Re-design

Unique HCS

The owner wanted a re-branding of his company. The original logo was confusing. To some, it looked like an ear, to others - a woman with her arm up to her head. The solution was to create an icon that represented health. Leaves are symbolic of life, and red the life's blood or health - as in "in the red". The word healthcare was also broken apart, as it's components "health" and "care" were more inclusive of the company's services and mission.

CutZy Art sub-brand logo design
CutZy McCall brand logo

Personal Branding

CutZy Art

Tech Modern Fine Artist, CutZy McCall needed branding and marketing help to transform her passion for art into a business. As a writer, an artist and future clothing designer, she needed differentiation between her brand and her sub-brands. The resulting logo designs were/are used in her branding collateral.

the madhouse coffee logo

Logo Design

The Madhouse Coffee

The client wanted a logo that was bright, bold and intense...much like coffee itself. He was a fan of Basquiat, Keith Herring and others and wanted that love of art to come through in the design. Ultimately, the design was a success and used in a variety of branding pieces.

logo design concept

Logo Design - Concept

mr. greenbeans

This logo design concept was/is for a "green" coffee house. The startup will provide a healthy, nutritious and organic alternative to the traditional coffee chains. The logo needed to represent a natural feel, so the green coffee bean was used, along with a rich, organic brown to create the final design.