Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the more common questions asked of me when working with clients to develop a plan of action for delivering on their goals and expectations.

How much does a logo design cost?

This is a tricky question and there is no definitive answer. When designing a logo, there are several factors that go into the completed design. How a logo is going to be used is the biggest factor in price. Additionally, the amount of research that needs to be done to differentiate your brand from competitors changes from logo to logo. Also, for some, this could be a simple Personal Branding for a business card. For others, there is product packaging and  mass marketing.

A logo is, and will always be a designer's intellectual property and are granting you Usage Rights. So, when considering pricing for logo designs, one must look at the potential financial gains from use of the logo. Whatever the price, be prepared to fairly compensate the designer for their work in securing your success and positive outcomes.

What are Usage Rights?

Usage Rights are simply the ways and means by which a piece of intellectual property may be used. Intellectual property covers everything from photography, to written words such as books or novels and graphic design as well. When a graphic designer contracts with a client to design pieces within the scope of the project, you are basically agreeing to compensate the designer to complete the project and use the materials designed as you see fit.

The graphic designer is entitled to know how their work is to be used prior to this consent. If you misrepresent the intended use, the graphic designer has legal authority to suspend all usage rights. This is usually only the case when designs are used with some sort of malicious intent. Usage Rights are granted with Limited, Exclusively or Nonexclusive use.

Limited Usage Rights are set forth by and between the client and the graphic designer and terms are typically based on distribution or use of the final designs.

Exclusive Usage Rights are also set forth by and between the graphic designer and the client. The client though is granted full use (with exception of malicious intent) to use the designs in any manner they wish. The designer is also then denied permission from using them for other clients but may promote them to secure new clients.

Nonexclusive Usage Rights are when the client and the graphic designer can both use the design as they see fit. A designer may have an arsenal of generic logos, customize one for you and then repurpose the same generic logo for another client.

How are design files delivered?

All design files are delivered via Dropbox, or disk if you'd prefer. I deliver master files as Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign as called for by the job. This will include all assets, including images, graphics and fonts.  Print ready files are delivered with outlined fonts and as either an EPS file or PDF  that you can simply provide to your printer of choice or easily use for yourself.

Do you have a refund policy?

No. Since graphic design work is intellectual property, there is no refund. Graphic designers can't simply undo the work that they have already completed. If at any point you are unsatisfied with the work, the speed at which the project is progressing or generally dissatisfied, I recommend that you amicably part ways with your graphic designer and you find one that is better able to meet your needs and goals.

How do I pay for services you offer?

For educational, tutoring or consultation services payment is due upon completion of the session or engagement. For design services, a down payment of 50% is necessary to begin the design process. Another 25% is due on completion of the first round of deliverables and 25% upon project completion. Final payment is due prior to receiving the digital file(s) containing the masters and print ready assets. We accept PayPal and Square as well as good ol' cash.