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  1. Phil did an outstanding design for my natural healing business logo. He took what ideas I had and brought them to a new level with his own inspiration and creativity. He was very patient, easy to communicate with, and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Phil!

  2. Phil Jones is my go-to person for all my graphic design needs. He has created a growing body of outstanding materials for my brand, including a gorgeous brochure, business cards, labels, stationery, logos and social networking banners that highlight the very best of what I do as a Tech Modern fine artist. He is also an encouraging, helpful and honest teacher, always imparting what is new and important for my career path. He is a designer, educator and creative consultant of the highest calibre. Anyone who wants to succeed needs someone like Phil Jones in their life. I recommend him highly and without reservation.

  3. Phil is a great guy, took my logo and fixed it right up in no time, communicates well and listens to what you are telling him you want done. I do screen printing and he seems to know a lot about that, to which was helpful. I would recommend him and plan on using him some more on future projects.

  4. My friends and I have been playing cards together for years. We finally decided to upgrade our chip collection and I was in charge of design. I really only had loose ideas of what I wanted to create and Phil came on board just to do the vector art for printing…turns out I needed a lot more help with design than expected. Phil was able to take my loose ideas and create outstanding artwork that we will be enjoying for years to come. He was in constant contact throughout the project as we tinkered out the designs together. If I ever need a digital artist again I am so glad to have Phil in my pocket to call on. He was not older than I was expecting–(a little joke, as I thought originally I was chatting with someone fresh out of design school when actually this seems to be a lifelong passion for Phil, and his passion, creativity and talent obviously shines through every design)

  5. I have learned the “hard way” about choosing a so-called “Professional Web Developer.” It is far better and more rewarding to acquire the services of a “Graphic Designer/Artist/Instructor” than to pay a lot of money for someone else to do the work for you.

    There is the ongoing maintenance of your website that must be done. This is why a website owner is wise to learn how to maintain their own website.

    Truly, gifted “pedigree teachers” are born. What does that mean? – Pedigree teachers maintain high expectations for their students. Exceptional teachers use ongoing assessment and short quizzes to check for comprehension of the material by all of the students.

    Exceptional educators are always purposefully planning and habitually reevaluating their approach and presentation of the material. Self-assessment by the students encourages them to take ownership of their education.

    Phil Jones takes the time to discover whether his students are learning the material. If his students can apply effectively what has been introduced and observed in his students, then Phil proceeds to the next “progressive lesson.”

    Direct Quote from the owner of Philzies Studio; “Our Approach” No matter what your goal is our goal is to see you succeed. Our success is measured by your success. Whether we’re providing design, education or consulting services, we deliver or help you achieve your goals with 100% success.”

    I have had the privilege and good fortune (9 months) to work with and to learn from this “gifted” professional Graphic Designer/Artist/Instructor.

    Phil Jones is the name of the Owner/Professional Instructor who owns Philzies Studio. Mr. Jones would “clear his throat” if he knew his “grateful” student posted this review of his skilled expertise.

    Penny Montague
    PDM Self Defense LLC
    503 746-6523

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